User Interface

User Interface


Main menu

Keep a log-file: save log file with information about all renderings and relinking files. (Path:"UserScripts\TrackScripts\Plugin\\\temp\log")
Render Settings: open the "Render Thumbnails Preferences" dialog.
Preferences:      open the "Preferences" dialog.
Help: open this help file.
Video Tutorials: open the web-page with video tutorials.
Activation: open the Registration dialog.
Create Support Request: open the "Support Request" dialog.
Check for Updates: connect to server and check available updates for plugin.
About: Open the dialog with information about plugin and credentials.


List of directories\files for batch processing

2. List of directories\files for batch processing
    Add folders to list
    Remove selected items from list
List of directories\files for batch processing
You can uncheck or remove items for exclude from processing

With the contextual menu of the list you can execute following actions:

Find and display all subfolders for the folders chosen in the list.
Find and display all files.
For exclusion from processing* files or folders choose them and press the button "Remove" on panel, choose the menu item “Remove from List” or press the "Delete" key.
Also you can choose a 3ds max file and open it with menu item “Load file”
Choose “Explore” to open the file in the Windows Explorer.
*For excluding from the batch rendering files, which is already have the thumbnails,
you can set the checkbox "Skip existing thumbnails" in group "Batch-Thumbnails Render".


Batch-Thumbnails Render

3. Batch-Thumbnails Render
Batch-Thumbnails Render: turn on for rendering thumbnails.
Skip existing thumbnails: turn on for skip rendering 3d-files which already has thumbnail.

Collecting of maps for models and materials

4. Collecting of maps for models and materials
Turn on the checkbox "Batch-Search & Collect" for collect, search and relink the files in the batch mode.

Collect files

: turn on for collecting of textures *.
The settings of the folders for the search will become available. (see the section "Collect path" below)

* The links to the textures will be automatically corrected.


Collect path

5. Collect path
Collect path: here you can specify a relative or full path to a folder of collecting textures.
“FilePath” in this field specifies that textures will be copied in one folder with a model or material.
Map folder: a name of subfolder in which textures will be collected.
“FileName” specifies, that the name of subfolder will be named by name a file.
Possible options of paths to the collect texture folder:
FilePath\FileName – in this case the textures will be copied to the subfolder, named as the file,
to the same folder where the file is saved to.
FilePath (the field in the Map folder is empty) – the textures will be copied to the common folder for the file.
Also in the field Collect path you may put the full path the the collect texture folder and put your own name for the subfolder – “Maps” for example.
    Press this button for return of settings for collecting folder to their default

Search directories

6. Search directories
Here you can setup directories for search the maps for 3d models and materials.
You may add nearly unlimited quantity of folders for the search.
In order to add the folder type the path to the field or press the button with three dots.
In order to exclude the folder out of search turn off the checkbox.
In order to delete the folder press the “Delete” button.
Note: turn on the “Search&Relink” checkbox for display this settings.

Post-Open Script

7. Post-Open Script
Put path to custom script for execution before rendering or relinking.
See the example in the script "UserScripts\TrackScripts\Plugin\presets\BatchRendering Script"
Note: Do not use this for changing the scene.

Batch process: include options and start

8. Batch process: include options and start

Include options

9. Include options

List of extensions the 3d-files