Registration Dialog

After buying the Project Manager start the 3ds Max and install the plugin.
For starting the registration choose the item "Activation" in the main 3ds Max menu "Project Manager"
or run the Project Manager and choose the item "Activation" in the menu "Help".
Registration Dialog

Generate new identification-file

1. Generate new identification-file
For generation the new identification file press the button "Generate ID-File".
After open the dashboard and send the identification file.
During from 2 up to 48 hour you will receive the new license.
Updating the license key:

Move License

2. Move License
In case if you update your computer, reinstall the Windows or by any other reason your license stop working you can update the license key for free.

Select the most suitable transferring type:

1)     Run the “Registration” tool and click the “Move License” button.
        Choose from the opened window the license used previously.
        The request for the transferring will be automatically sent to the server.
        Your license will be updated immediately. (Only if you are upgrading the license is rare)
2)     Run the “Registration” tool and click “Generate ID-File” button.
        Login and send the identification file using dashboard.
        During one hour you will receive the new license.

Apply License key

3. Apply License key
After receiving the license key press this button and choose the license key.
The identification file must be generated on computer
where you plan use the plugin.
Please use your permanent e-mail box (same as you use at purchasing).
You can always restore the password on the page Restore password.