Model Merge&Placement options

Model Merge&Placement options

Place options

1. Place options
Enhanced placement capabilities for merged objects — including placement on selected objects, all scene objects, or home grid.
Merged object placement can also be done using 2 different modes: By Mouse Click or by using 3DS Max Paint Settings.
Mouse Click mode contains a “Smart Align” feature that helps with even object placement in interiors, such as snapping paintings/sconces onto walls and chandeliers onto ceilings.
On the other hand, 3DS Max Paint Settings Mode allows users to “paint” objects into the scene, using selections or by freehand.
This allows for easy copying of objects needed en masse, such as trees, grass, and stones for exterior landscape scenes.
The Paint Settings Mode, based on standard feature of 3Ds Max known as “Paint Objects”.
Here you can read more about Paint Objects Panel

Place options

The object will be oriented perpendicular to the target object faces.
The object will try keep their z-orientation, but adhere to the target object faces.
(For example useful for placing sconces on the wall)


  • Hold SHIFT for pause Painting.
  • Hold SHIFT+CTRL and move mouse for free rotation.
  • CTRL+Click for rotate by 90deg the clock-wise.
  • ALT+Click for rotate by 90deg counter-clockwise.
  • Use the right mouse click for stop

Exclude options

Shapes (not renderable)

: exclude all not renderable shapes.


exclude all hidden and frozen objects.


: exclude all cameras.

Exclude objects by class

: specify objects for excluding by their class.
Excluding presets.

Model Merge options

3. Model Merge options

Merge as Proxy

: Check for merge file as proxy or as xRef Objects.
If proxy file exist you can replace it or use it.
If merged model is very big you can display it as box after merging.
Display selected objects as box.

Material Merge options

4. Material Merge options