Duplicate Asset Replacement

The interface of the dialog for resolving duplicate asset conflicts allows easy selection between several processing options, providing flexibility in resolving file name conflict issues.
Some assets may have the same names but different content.
To resolve the name conflict issue when copying, we offer the Duplicate Asset Replacement dialog. This dialog will show previews of duplicates and information about them to facilitate the choice of what to do with the duplicate.
The following options are available:
  • Do not copy the duplicate, and leave the link to its current location
  • Relink the file to a new path
  • Replace the existing file and relink to the new path
  • Copy the asset, rename, and relink using a new path and name.
This option allows keeping both files
The new version offers an improved interface for this dialog and a new feature – you can specify which option you wish to apply to the entire session.
This means that the selected option will not become default, but your choice will be applied to all duplicates during this asset collection session.
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