Creating a Fusion Object

To create an object, choose the Kstudio Category in the Create section on the Command Panel
Create the object in the viewport and switch to the Modify tab
Add geometry using the Pick button
Add a spline along which the geometry will extend


Object list management — add, delete, replace and select object from the list in the viewport.
Open Gallery - opens a list of models ready to create new Fusion objects or add/replace something in a Fusion object selected in the scene.
The gallery can also be expanded with the profiles from the Sweep Shapes set.
Select an object from the list to control its settings.
TIP: You can select an node directly in the viewport by clicking on it and holding CTRL
1. Geometry

Preview in vewport

2. Preview in vewport
Preview: Geometry display mode in vewport - Full Mesh, Box, Hide. Not available in the pre-release version.
Renderable: Enable/Disable object on rendering. Not available in the pre-release version.

Pivot Alignment

Sets the reference point and orientation of the object relative to the spline.
3. Pivot Alignment


Controls the offset of the object relative to the spline.
4. Offset


Controls the rotation of the object relative to the spline.
5. Rotation


Size of the object in system units.
By default, an object is added with its original dimensions.
Pressing the Lock button locks the proportions of the object, so that when any of its dimensions are altered, the other dimensions are automatically changed to preserve the proportions.
The Reset button resets the dimensions to their original values.
6. Size


7. Parameters
Count:              Number of objects. In some modes, this option is not available.
Distance:         Depending on the set distance, the logic of the object distribution may change.
When Distance is set to 0, the objects will stick together. This is Fusion mode.
When Distance is set to greater than zero, Clone mode is engaged.
Filling:            Only available in Clone mode.
Has several modes.
Auto Count — the number of copies is set automatically.
Auto Distance — the distance between the copies is set automatically.
DistributionOnly available in Clone mode.
By Vertex — copies snap to the vertices of the path.
Fit to Corners — some of the copies snap to the corner points of the path, while the rest are distributed between them, according to the set Distance and Count parameters.
By Selection Set — copies snap to the vertex points of the path set in the Selection Set of the path.
Interpolation:     Only available in Fusion mode. Sets the number of sections for an object. Used, for example, for distributing geometry along a curve.
Weld:                    Only available in Fusion mode. Glues copies together. Used, for example, for smoothing when distributing geometry along a curve.


8. Follow
Align Follow:     Spline — distributes perpendicular to the spline. Works with 3D splines.
Vertical — distributes perpendicular to the surface. Ignores the curvature of 3D splines.
Type:               Trim — truncates the geometry according to the Start and End parameters.
Offset — shifts the geometry according to the Start and End parameters.
Pick path:     Adds the spline along which the geometry will be distributed
S:     Select Spline
Link to Spline:     Link Fusion object transformations to spline

Copy/Paste Settings

9. Copy/Paste Settings
Allows transferring parameters from one object to another.


10. Advanced
From Nodes:           Generates the material based on the materials of the original geometry. The object face IDs can be changed if necessary.
Custom materials: Applies user-specified materials. The object face ID cannot be not changed.
Shade Selected: Highlight selected in the list node into the viewport

Update in viewport

11. Update in viewport
Manages object updates in viewport.
Set to Auto-Update by default. For complex geometry, manual update is recommended.


12. License
License valid date and apply license
Known issues: Complex geometry in Fusion mode is a bit slow. By the time of release, the Fusion mode performance will be sped up.
PS. Also supports shapes from Mouldings kits.